We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

You have been there for others in my family and I know other people who used you. I don't know anyone who says anything bad about you. You guys are top notch. I would call you anytime.

Paul Hunsinger June 07, 2019

During this very difficult time you gave our family comfort, and was so helpful in arranging his funeral and guiding us as to what to do next. Again, I personally want to thank you again or the doves at the cemetery. It was so comforting to see this as he went to be with our God.

JLB June 03, 2019

You where there for me all the way. Kind and gentle help all the way. Very helpful... Thanks to all I love you's..

Marijoy Ivey June 18, 2019

Your gentle handling of our needs. (Thank you Maurice!)

SH June 24, 2019

Mr. Allen gave us a beautiful service for my beloved Bill. I regret I didn't speak about him. You could not have done anything more gracious for us. God bless you for your loving care.

MArilyn Miller February 18, 2019

I give you a ten from former services that I have attended and the service you've provided.

JP February 18, 2019

Very professional and compassionate to families needs.

February 18, 2019

Came to the house with ashes and was able to pay him then.

JC November 12, 2018

Everyone that we worked with at Allen's was very professional and caring. The gentleman who picked up our Aunts body at Maria Hall was dressed so professional and very patient and caring to us. When we sat down at the funeral home it was so easy and everyone was helpful. The release of the birds at the grave site was so amazing and brought great comfort.

Chris and Karen McCaffrey November 07, 2018

You were all very kind, compassionate and very flexible in accommodating my own wishes.

Bonnie Mindenhout November 12, 2018

Wonderful services and compassion. You have gone far beyond anything we expected! No only did you stand by me and my close family, but you also catered to all guests and friends. Outstanding! Thank you!

Ethel Covert May 01, 2018

You and your staff were very professional and thorough. Our family appreciated your attention to the details which ensured that everything associated with the funeral service went smoothly, your guidance during this was difficult time was invaluable.

DC November 28, 2017

Everyone from that start of this process to the completion were very respectful and professional. The care that was given through all the planning was the details that were also given for us to understand was greatly appreciated

DL December 01, 2017

You are compassionate people, who make us all feel like family. You're the best - Thank You!

Barbara Johnson December 05, 2017

Nice friendly people knows what they are doing.

SL December 05, 2017

Everything was perfect

CY August 04, 2017

Everything went well no problems. You were very helpful and compassionate in our terrible time.

Chris Smith August 10, 2017

The way you made everything so easy and stress free at such a difficult time.

CD March 29, 2017

Very impressed with the overall experience very compassionate and informative. Loved the memory of Calvin thru the slide show. You were with us from the beginning to the end, my heartfelt thanks to you!

PO March 22, 2017

Extremely responsive to the special travel needs of our family. Explained procedures clearly and consciously. Freely identified options and did not attempt sell material that we did not need. Everyone with whom we interacted was congenial and professional.

SW March 20, 2017

You and your staff were compassionate, professional, and responsive to our particular needs to our family needs. Package plans were easy to navigate. Limited packages with choices made it easy to decide expenses.

BL March 20, 2017

Because the Allen family and I are good friends; I knew my father would be in good hands. I also felt that quality and workmanship was achieved.

Matt Reichard March 08, 2017

Our family has used you ever since Rishel's. He was a family friend. The deceased requested you. We consider you a family friend also.

Judy Snavely March 08, 2017

Everyone was very kind and helpful could not do enough for us. Josh did a great job on Ed he looked like he could talk to me and like he did months before.

Beverly Crawford March 01, 2017

Kindness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness of information about social security, death certificates, etc. Helping with arrangement of flowers.

DF March 01, 2017

Professional and compassion related to our parents passing. Attention to details of the viewing and funeral service.

JS March 01, 2017

My family was treated with respect and caring at this time of loss. We appreciate the service provided.

LC March 01, 2017

Everyone was so professional, everything you did and said was what was needed. The "special little things" that you did will always be remembered. I can't thank you enough for "everything especially allowing my grandson to take his "final ride with his with his pop-pop."

Peggy LeVan July 12, 2016

The cared you showed me and my family during this very difficult time in my life. Everything you did was professional.

Stanley T. Cizewski, Sr. June 15, 2016

I was very satisfied with everything concerning our service.

SS June 15, 2016

Very stong attention to details and plenty of compassion and patience. Thank you, you made this easy at a difficult time.

BH May 16, 2016

Mr. Allen was very polite and helpful at this very difficult time. Never having to experience being in charge of planning a funeral was quite challenging. However his assistance was valuable.

Dixie Priestman January 20, 2016

We were well taken care of and you showed us your extreme concern for our loved one. We were very glad you have a onsite crematory and returned our family remains so quickly.

Cindy Fisher January 15, 2016

Your assistance and service was very respectful and dignified to my deceased husband and our family.

Katherine Talbot September 03, 2015

You showed integrity and respect for the remains.

Sharon Price July 31, 2015

Over the years Allen Funeral Home has cared for my family first my dad Bruce Oman, my husband Gary Stiner and now my mom Verona. You have always been kind, caring, respectful and very helpful. Thus making a difficult time easier for all. Thank you

Jolene Kline July 31, 2015

Your compassion and helpfulness during this difficult time. You are professional but understanding never being pushy and making certain that everything was how we asked or my father would have wanted.

Wendy Low November 04, 2014

Although your business gives personal first class service from the beginning to the end . It is your personality which draws our family to your funeral home.

RI October 21, 2014

You took care of my whole family so far and you do a awesome job! You take care of everything.

LR October 21, 2014

We all were very happy with the service. Roger was very friendly and we appreciate him. What a great job

Jean L. Swisher August 05, 2014

Roger and Josh were very very helpful from the time we first called them about our mother until even after the services.We know that we can call them at anytime if we have anything else we need help with. They were very compassionate and caring towards our mother and our entire family. They took care of everything for us so we could tend to other things that only we could do.

SS July 30, 2014

You were very kind and considerate to me when I called about an appointment to talk to you about making arrangements for Robert, you gave me suggestions.

NM July 23, 2014

You attended to our every need. Everything was taken care of and all questions answered promptly and professionally. You went beyond helping me with some problems after the service which I couldn't handle myself. I just wanted to say "thank you".

SK June 26, 2014

The Allen Funeral Home is there to help at a difficult time. Their Kindness and caring was greatly appreciated during the recent passing of my mother.

John Marshall III April 23, 2014

Everything was done in good taste.

Carolyn Bowman April 07, 2014

You dealt with us in a professional, kind and sympathetic manner at a very sad and difficult time. The atmosphere at your Millville facility was warm and welcoming to us. Mr. Terry Rider did a very excellent job assisting at the service and also driving to the cemetery.

TC March 14, 2014

In our worst time, you helped guide us with care. Showing us we weren't alone in making final decisions. Leaving us time to grieve with less worries. Thank you for all your help.

Steven and Kathryn Mercurio February 20, 2014

Stephen and I felt everything was very well planned and professionally done. We were completely satisfied. You made us feel very comfortable. Thanks so much

Edna Powell February 27, 2014

I would not change a thing about Dad's funeral. Roger and his staff treated our family with utmost care and compassion. It was a tough day but everyone commented on how pleased Dad would have been. Thank you Roger

PW February 24, 2014

Josh and Roger are both very respectful of feelings for the deceased and the family members. (Not that the deceased have feelings- but respectful for the people that they were)

SS February 19, 2014

You were very helpful and took care of all the details and left us nothing to worry about.

SH January 27, 2014

Very helpful dealing with what our family was going thru.

DM January 03, 2014

I have nothing but praise for the professional and compassionate way all the arrangements were carried out. You always make the heavy load much easier. You did my parents services, Derl Keller’s and now Dane’s as well and Dane’s sister so you know you rank highly with our family.

MK December 12, 2013

Customer service and deeply caring ability. Roger and Josh were extremely caring, thoughtful and helpful. My father having served our great country was given Marine Corp. honors from his memorial service back to the funeral Home. That took my breath away.

Jodi L. Parcell December 12, 2013

Roger, Josh and Staff, We could not have experienced a better, most satisfied celebration of life and love than the service for our beloved wife and mother. Your professional caring, expertise and friendliness, in conjunctions with the church’s role made everything, which will always remain on our thoughts and hearts.

John Babb December 10, 2013

Over the past 20 years my family has used your services, three times for the passing of my brother and my parents. Each time you provided superb service. My parents were pleased with the service you provided for my brother , my mother was pleased with my fathers service and my sister and I were pleased with the service associated with my mother's recent passing. Were I residing in the Bloomsburg area, I would not hesitate to call on you for further services. And would recommend Allen Funeral Home to anyone.

Dale E. Hower November 01, 2013

For going the extra mile to help us, having my moms date of death on our tombstone for the graveside service. For the compassion and sympathy for our family. For fulfilling all our per-arrangements and for kindness and generosity.

Brooks Rakos October 28, 2013

Caring and respect for Arnie, compassion, dignity and responsive to needs of family. Thank you

GG September 16, 2013

A 10 for professional service.

JM August 26, 2013

I liked they way things were handled.

Doyle Creasy August 12, 2013

Compassion and diligence in responding to family needs funeral preparations were done as requested.

AH August 09, 2013

Used other times, very professional.

LS July 24, 2013

My sister and I feel you went above and beyond the normal duties of a funeral home.

Richard S. Viets June 20, 2013

Very professional everything was done to our satisfaction.

EK June 10, 2013

We felt you gave us your utmost attention, setting us at ease in our funeral preparations. Our minds were definitely racing in all directions. We really liked the funeral service folders, showing the different aspects of Junior’s life- many nice comments about this. We were even able to share some laughs.

EB May 09, 2013

Kind, caring service at a reasonable price.

RR May 07, 2013

The kindness when we came there with our parents years ago. The kindness showed to Jimmy and me when dad passed 10 months ago, and recently our loss of our mother.

DM March 25, 2013

At all times I felt comfortable and totally taken care of. The quality of your concern was felt in all aspects.

Deb Davis March 12, 2013

The Allen Funeral Home provided a comprehensive up-to-date range of services from on-site cremation to digital media, but with an old fashioned personal touch. We turned to Roger and Josh at the Allen Funeral Home on the occasion of two deaths in our immediate family in the last two years. We especially appreciated that they took the time to get to know our family and our unique situation. They worked with us through an extended process from our immediate needs at the time of death through funeral, cremation and cemetery services, and beyond to memorial documents, death certificated and preparation of a monument. We could always reach them by phone or email, and every concern was addressed promptly with excellent judgment, sensitivity, and kindness. While we hope not to need their services again in the near future, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommends them to friends and neighbors.

Christine Miller Massey, Kate Miller Chen February 21, 2013

Your staff was very accommodating and respectful of our feeling and there was a great amount of attention to details. I felt that Matt was very important. Many people commented on how nice the video was for Matt.

Darl and Russ Cadwallader February 14, 2013

The ability of the Allen Funeral Home to be able to move our service to our church, as well as the immediate pick up and handling of our loved one.

Charles Douglas Harris February 13, 2013

My family and I agree that it was all of the care and kindness you gave to us in making very difficult decisions. Having been a friend and neighbor for many year, we were already aware of you as a kind and caring fellow. Josh is a compliment to your profession. Keep him smiling.

MP January 03, 2013

Roger and Josh took wonderful care of my grandmother after the death of my grandfather. They provided comfort during a difficult time. The heartfelt hugs they gave my “Nana” proved to me how truly special these two men are. Thank you! Dawn

Dawn Licotka January 03, 2013

Everything was beautifully done. Thank you so much.

Phyllis Kipp December 26, 2012

You have always handled our needs with dignity and compassion, and if we needed something extra you always delivered. Explanation of services is also clear, and you try to keep costs down which is also quite helpful during this time.

WH November 20, 2012

Personality Checking all the little things Presentation Life video Plenty of chairs Neat and orderly.

Ellen Ketchem October 30, 2012

We were very impressed with everything. Especially your compassion at a time which was very hard for us to go through. “Harold” “my dear husband and "father” helped with the military funerals at your funeral home in Bloomsburg and he complimented you on everything.

Grace Fritz October 22, 2012

Your kindness and concern at a time it really matters.

EB October 10, 2012

Roger Allen, Maurice and the other staff were excellent in helping my family with every detail handling the arrangements for our mom. Their compassion and professionalism helped us get through a difficult time. Their service was exemplar and everything was special!

Brenda Belles June 06, 2019

Roger, you took very good care of us : when Mike died in the middle of the night at the Geisinger. Kind, Caring and Professional.

PH June 12, 2019

Everything was taken care of in a very professional manner.

BH June 19, 2019

You made everything easier on us than I could have thought possible. You did a wonderful job.

Judy Wozrick June 24, 2019

The feeling of ease we felt at this most difficult time. The military service and the doves really made it special.

Ken Andreas February 18, 2019

You were caring and understanding always made yourself available. Everyone helped us make a decisions. Beautiful ceremony.

Kathleen Matthews February 18, 2019

Competent and caring staff, service over the last 10 years and 3 burials.

TL November 12, 2018

The kindness and compassion the staff showed out family. You never make us feel rushed and go above and beyond to help with each and every detail.

Susan Miller November 12, 2018

Your staff was very caring and professional. Let me have the kind of service for my husband that I wanted even though it was not traditional.

November 08, 2018

The compassion that was shown to me at this difficult time was truly heartfelt and sincere, and put me at a very comfortable place. You handled everything for me! You made my grieving process a lot less stressful. Just continue to show compassion and genuine caring. You tapped into all my needs and that is so important! A Big Thank You!

Cynthia Miller May 01, 2018

I was very pleased with my husband Bill's funeral .

LS November 27, 2017

Roger was excellent to work with during this most difficult time, We appreciated his flexibility, availability and honesty as well as his sense of humor.

Angelene Delarge November 29, 2017

Allen Funeral Home has provided service to our family for the past 15 years. My wife recently passed away in a foreign country. The Allen's worked with us to was a difficult situation worked with us to ease a difficult situations. Thank you

DE December 05, 2017

Very professional, understanding and courteous.

MB December 05, 2017

All members of the Allen Funeral team were kind, patient and professional. They were exactly the "helpers" I needed.

Christine Wheadon November 07, 2017

Your very calm and professional approach at a very trying time. Your total service is a very rare today. You are totally into your customer and not trying to push yourself or business onto us.

Joseph Trimarchi August 08, 2017

The staff member are very kind and compassionate and at the same tome very professional. The work they do is extraordinary, our loved ones looked beautiful.

Angela Solenberger August 10, 2017

You made a hard time easier. You were very helpful, understanding, and very easy yo work with. Thank you!

Barbara Unger March 28, 2017

Allen Funeral Home has provided service for 3 generations of our family. They are like a family member to us. I couldn't think of anything they could possibly do to improve their services.

Dennis Force March 22, 2017

Caring attitudes, Lovely facilities. No pressure sales

LF March 23, 2017

Your team was extremely helpful and mindful of the difficulties we (my sister and I) faced. Your facility was /is very tastefully decorated yet warm and comforting. Thank you for making our parents memorials memorable.

JM March 21, 2017

Very satisfied with service provided and very respectful.

TC March 08, 2017

You have taken care of a great deal of my family from grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, right down to brother and sisters and never heard anyone complain. You are so helpful.

LK March 08, 2017

Very professional, answered all our questions, reassured us all would be taken care of in a proper manner. Everything was done in a timely manner as hard as this was they made us feel safe and taken care of.

Peggy Trivelpiece March 01, 2017

We were very satisfied with all the aspects of the service.

MC March 01, 2017

At a very difficult time you and your staff did all they could to help us.

Milton Duckworth March 01, 2017

Everything was handled in a very professional matter.

PF July 12, 2016

Well organized all the small details were taken care of flawlessly. Hassle free.

John Angus June 15, 2016

We were pleased in how you treated us with Mom’s last wishes. She looked so nice. Her hair and nails were beautiful. You both had so much respect for our family. Thank you again for your kindness.

Connie Campbell June 15, 2016

Very professional, A difficult time was made much easier to deal with by the Allen Funeral Home.

LD May 16, 2016

No pressure everything was good.

FH February 10, 2016

You handled my sons passing Shane Breech with great respect and honesty. Took time and patience needed at our service at BCC church.

Patricia Kipp January 15, 2016

You both did a wonderful job with my husband, and did all you could to make sure me and my family had everything we needed. Thank you very much.

AR January 15, 2016

You sat down with us and explained everything that we were going to endure in the next months following the interment. You went one stop at a time. Any questions we had you answered. The team you have working for you were very kind and understanding. I would recommend you and have done so already. As funeral directors you and your son complement each other.

Charlotte Ickes July 31, 2015

The attention to details. The care and time taken with our family during the preparation for the funeral and at the cemetery.

RS July 31, 2015

Mother looked beautiful. The burial was out of town all arrangement made to another state.

Deane Keller July 14, 2015

My sister and I deeply appreciate the kindness that Roger and his entire staff showed us. The service that was provided was perfect in every way.

Luanne Bittenbender November 04, 2014

Excellent service, kindness, empathy and compassion.

Sharon Morrison October 21, 2014

Knowledge,kindness, service and followed through

Thomas J. Kaler August 18, 2014

Caring, Respectful, Service

LT July 30, 2014

I liked the card with pictures and obituary on the back of card, the tape of pictures and the flowers at the cemetery. Your gentleman were very helpful in all ways. Thank you

MD July 30, 2014

It is during a time like this that "TLC" is needed and the Allen Funeral Home family and staff went above and beyond. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your gentle and caring services during this very difficult time.

RT July 08, 2014

Attention to details, Kept things simple.

ML June 27, 2014

Everything was handled with the at most professionalism and compassion. Everything was beyond expectations.

DD April 16, 2014

Very professional and accommodating. Felt like a friendship relationship, understanding our needs and the situations we encountered. You easily adjusted as requested or was necessary.

BM March 31, 2014

From the first meeting , through the service and final burial it was very emotional for our family and you made making decisions easy and comfortable.

James M. Rosario March 06, 2014

The kindness you showed to our family. Made sure all our request were met.

WMD February 25, 2014

Roger Allen has been very compassionate and understanding during this very trying time. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone in need of his services. He made me comfortable and at total ease when I had absolutely no idea what to do.

SG March 01, 2014

Because you went above and beyond your duties as a funeral director to see that Larry had a great service. Again I thank you from the family.

GS February 18, 2014

You did an excellent job of attending to our needs.

JG February 06, 2014

We have been coming to you since the early 80's. With your help we have gotten through every loss.

Kathy A. (Hayman) Finsel January 14, 2014

Great personal service. We felt like you truly cared about our family during this time.

CG December 23, 2013

Quality of service

AP December 12, 2013

Your great care for our family through the years and in the recent event of the loss of my husband. Every detail was well done with loving care. Thank you

KF December 11, 2013

Very happy with everything. Many people told is how nice the service was.

KC December 12, 2013

You were very caring and compassionate to our family at a very difficult time. You took care of all the details from the time of mothers death to the very end in a very professional manner.

NM November 02, 2013

Your compassion and sympathy were very real. You treated my son with dignity and made me feel like your most important task was to take care of my son and my family.

CS October 22, 2013

No one is perfect, it was all done very well!

FK August 29, 2013

The manner in which the services are offered is always courteous and caring. There is always a feeling that people matter not tasks, yet the tasks all get done on time. The funeral trust fund a great help.

Ralph Hartenbach August 12, 2013

Ability to accommodate my schedule and provide necessary services.

JF August 09, 2013

Excellent service, very professional, made a bad day better.

Shawn Fagley August 07, 2013

Excellent service, personal and friendly to the family. Attends to needs of guests as they arrive and depart. Explains the funeral process in detail.

WC June 25, 2013

We were very pleased with the service you provided. You were very kind, professional and caring to us.

EM June 10, 2013

Personal concern for me and my family.

Barbara Remley June 05, 2013

You did things very helpful and good, understood what we wanted was very pleased with everything.

RS May 08, 2013

Allen’s did an outstanding job of compassionately and respectfully handling the arrangements of my husband, James. The manner in which everything was presented put us at ease knowing it all has been thought of and covered. Josh was especially kind and helpful during the difficult time. We received numerous comments from family and friends on what a beautiful service it was.

NB April 08, 2013

Your Service has been so hopeful at this very stressful and sad time. Beginning with the pre-planning of my mom’s funeral several years ago, to the actual service at the time of her death. You and your staff have been very respectful of all our need and wishes. Thanks

MK March 19, 2013

The attention to all of our questions and concerns given to our family. We greatly appreciated the very kind manner in which we were treated. Also the promptness of speaking with us.

Janet Bitler March 12, 2013

Everything was very nice for the viewing and graveside service. Many people commented on the viewing – especially the video. You were very helpful and timely in sending me the extra death certificated and the thank you notes.

JP February 14, 2013

Josh took care of everything while always being mindful of our wished. A true professional to deal with.

JJ February 12, 2013

You were all very kind and compassionate, always there to answer questions and take care of all the details. You did a beautiful job. I especially appreciated that you handled the flowers.

AG February 07, 2013

I cannot say enough about your services. It is personal, caring and very considerate. My mother was a very special member of our family and she was treated this way by you folks.

Janet Sherman January 10, 2013

Everything went very smoothly, no problems. I have no reason to grade with anything less than a perfect score. The package with grieving information and other information was very helpful. Thank you.

PP January 09, 2013

You were fantastic during the most difficult time of my life. Anything I wanted you came through.

Tony Creveling November 21, 2012

Very professional service, very helpful, didn’t rush took your time with us. Answered all of our questions.

SG November 09, 2012

I liked the overall appearance of my husband. Also the willingness to have the funeral when it suited us. The personal attitude given and help.

Pauline Krum October 23, 2012

Your professionalism and courtesy were excellent. The posts on your website and the tent card for the lunch were wonderful. But most important was how nice mom looked- she was beautiful!

James Shoemaker October 15, 2012